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A Father Shares His Abortion Story 48 Years Later

During a time of separation from his first wife, Truett met and began seeing Lea, his wife, now of 46 years. After a season of being together, Lea discovered she was pregnant. In a moment of guilt and shame, they chose abortion. Soon after, they separated but came together after Truett and his first wife […]

A Father’s Abortion Story: Jimmy Bloss

Jimmy Bloss grew up in a small town in West Virginia. His father ran his own business, and his mother worked at the post office. Although Jimmy knew his father loved him, he was rarely present when Jimmy needed him. Jimmy grew up attending church, but at 16, he began living a different lifestyle. His […]

How You Can Help Men Choose Fatherhood

Fathers, remember holding your first child? Remember how you stared silently because you forgot how to form full sentences? Or the way your wife looked at you as you held her baby? Or the surge of emotion you couldn’t name at the time that you now know was love? Well, there’s another emotion you likely […]