Be a  Life-Changer

Be a Life-Changer

Together, We Can Reach the Hearts of Women

A woman facing an unplanned pregnancy doesn’t have to do it alone.

We can surround her with the community of support she needs. Our work, and the work of ministries, is possible because of dedicated volunteers like you. When we collaborate, we can surround women with a community of support.

Let’s build a world where every woman feels empowered to choose life.

Volunteer with The Church

A mobilized church is unstoppable.

Churches have the resources, people and heart to love women and their children. When women feel safe and supported by a local congregation, it can make a generational impact for life.

Let’s build a church that is integral to the life movement.

Let’s answer the call of the church to stand for life.

Volunteer with your Local Pregnancy Center

Local pregnancy centers are at the forefront of the pro-life movement. They are reaching women at their moment of decision and empowering them with choice.

Make a difference in your community by helping them expand their life-saving mission.

Volunteer at a Save the Storks Event!

Join us in our mission to reach the hearts of women, rescue babies and support pregnancy resource centers across the United States

Together we can change lives.

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Ready to make an impact?

Connect with our volunteer coordinator and learn more about how you can join the pro-life movement and reach the hearts of women.