What We Do

Reaching the Hearts of Women
& Saving the Lives of Babies

Reaching the heartsof WOMEN and saving the livesof Babies

Creating a Culture of Life

Through Love and Excellence

Our nationwide Stork Bus program and partnerships with pregnancy centers ensure women get the services they need and deserve

On the Road for Life

We’re here to tell a different story.

Gabi chose life for her son on a Stork Bus. “I fell in love for the first time in my whole life. When they did the ultrasound, my heart got so warm in my chest. I thought ‘there he is.’ A whole new light came into my life. Going on the bus and seeing him completely turned my life around.”

More than 80 percent of abortion-minded women choose life after they see their unborn child on an ultrasound1,2. Stork Buses not only allow pregnancy centers to have a greater reach in their communities, they also bring the beauty of an ultrasound directly to women.

Stories of Hope

Partners for Life

Pregnancy centers are a vital resource to their communities. They offer an incredible wealth of free support and medical care. This includes pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, STI testing, parenting and prenatal education programs, after-abortion support and material resources.

Our Partner Program exists to ensure that pregnancy centers have the stability, support and strategy they need to expand their services to save babies by empowering more women to choose life.

We believe every woman deserves the right to be educated on her pregnancy options.

Our pro-life database gives women the ability to see what pregnancy services are available in her area so that she can connect with a community of support and care with people who will walk with her through her pregnancy, help her understand her full range of options, and provide the support and resources she needs to feel fully empowered and informed.

The Power of Storytelling

WHEN WE TELL TRUE STORIES of women who choose an empowered life for themselves and their children, we help create a more compassionate pro-life culture. That’s why raising awareness is an important part of what we do. Through videos, documentaries, blogs and social media, we work to showcase the importance of pro-life views and voices.

Here are two ways

you can make a difference.

Two ways

you can make
a difference