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Documenting Hope

The Women’s Medical Clinic and Mobile Medical Clinic movement in the United States is a quiet, but powerful force. One that is giving hope, healing, and help to women every single day, all across our country. Be inspired by this incredible and empowering work.

Stories of Impact

Empowered women empower others. The women we serve are strong and inspiring and brave. They are a beacon of hope and a touchstone for creating a culture of life. That’s why we tell their stories.

Better Access to Healthcare for Black Women is a Life-Affirming Position

By Charlotte Pence Bond During Black History Month, it is essential that we pay attention to the disproportionate struggles and lack of access to healthcare that Black women face. This is especially pressing when it comes to the heartbreak of abortion that Black women experience. Many of them feel as if they do not have…

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Equality Act would jeopardize pro-life pregnancy centers, Save the Storks CEO warns

If the Equality Act becomes law, it will jeopardize the freedoms of pregnancy resource centers and hinder other pro-life protections, warns Save the Storks’ CEO Diane Ferraro.

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Pro-Life Research

Save the Storks commissioned a study
to investigate American’s attitudes and opinions on abortion.
Key findings include:


of Americans believe that life begins at or before the heartbeat1


of pro-choice respondents stated abortion would not be an option for their own unplanned pregnancy2


of Evangelicals
identify as